The Wrapper Trapper

Finally, an easy and practical place to put paper and plastic trash, keeping tables, floors and outdoors free of litter! The Wrapper Trapper® is the first tabletop container offered to restaurants and homes across America. Made in the U.S.A., the Wrapper Trapper® is made of durable dishwasher- safe plastic that features a soft, comfortable lid for easy use and cleanup. The Wrapper Trapper® also features a “lid leash” that attaches each lid to its base allowing for convenient cleanup in between guests while also ensuring lids will not be lost or accidentally thrown away.


Not only suitable for restaurants, the Wrapper Trapper® has many home and recreational uses as well. From outdoor patio tables to car cup holders, the Wrapper Trapper® is the ideal place to put paper and plastic trash or to store important items, such as receipts. The Wrapper Trapper® is available in two colors: black or white.

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